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We are open now regular hours. We have weekend tours 11:30 a. m  or 12 p. m. by appointment only. If you are interested in scheduling a tour or getting on our waiting list for a new puppy of your own, please call John at (320)384-7714. 



We have an array of colors and shades of colors to choose from. There are white, yellow, red, and black puppies. Call us and let us know the sex and color preferences that you have. Do you prefer a puppy from a certain sire/dam or is there a type of personality that you are looking for?


Puppy Intro to Birds

Saturday, July 11th and Sunday, July 26th 2020

Puppy Intro to Birds for all litters born for this year from Pillow, Flare, Taco, Luxi, Cassie, and Karma.  Please call John at (320) 339-0020 to register your puppy and for more details.


Summer Training Sessions Available in 2020!

Call John at 320-339-0020 to register your dog for training.  We have various options available.  Take a look at our training page located at the top of our home page for more information.      

 HELPING PAWS:  Several of our puppies have been regularly graduating from the program and are training with their new owner/handlers who are in need on physical and/or emotional assistance as service dogs. 

Helping Paws train for 2 years with foster homes and then are placed as working service dogs for those in need.

We are touched and thrilled by this organization and RBK being a part of a great cause!!!



We are always updating customer accounts.  I would appreciate an email at or on our Family of RBK facebook page if you have moved or changed email or phone numbers and think we may not have the correct information.  Thanks!



BOARDING: remember us when scheduling your vacation or other local events that don't include your dog family members. We look forward to calls from you RBKers at a reasonable fee for boarding - any time of year. Another way to keep up with your family and your canine.

Note:  Royalty British Kennel's kennel tours are available by appointment only - on Saturday's and Sunday's at 11:30 or 12:00 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Our kennel is on a schedule for cleaning and feeding, therefore, we know you will understand.  To schedule a kennel visit, please leave a message at 320-384-7714 a few days prior to the date you would like to come for a visit, or send us an email at info@royaltybritishkennels.  Please include your phone number so that we can confirm.   Thank you.  We look forward to meeting you and sharing our kennel with you. 


If you are thinking of adding another RBK puppy to your household, or have friends and family referrals for us - let us know.  Litters arrive all year long. 

Remember: We ask for a deposit on your puppy of $300.00 to place your name on the puppy waiting list.  

Questions about anything with your dog or new puppy?  We are always willing to help you out.  Leave us a message and phone number to return your call at 320-384-7714 or send us an email at info@royaltybritishkennels.  We enjoy helping and hearing from all of our RBK family - whether it is a question, or maybe just to touch base and share a story. 

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