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Now that summer is in full swing, it is time to schedule your training here at the kennel if you have not done so.  Call John at 1-320-339-0020 or email him at to set up your dog's training today!
At Royalty British Kennels, we focus solely on bird dog training and obedience training. Our bird dog training provides hunters with a hunting companion that is very obedient and has a very strong drive for the bird, while our obedience training provides families

with a well-behaved family pet.


We have a different philosophy on dog training. Many trainers have their own system and your dog must fit into that system, and keep up with the pace set by the trainer for all the dogs. At Royalty, we believe that just like every child is different and learns on an individual basis, the same is true for dogs.


So we’ve developed a pyramid system of training where each dog has the same pyramid, but the dog – not the trainer - sets the pace of how fast it moves up the pyramid. Basics are on the bottom of the pyramid, with the training becoming more complex as we move up the pyramid. Our trained eye allows us to “read” your dog on many levels – to know when he’s ready to move up a level, to know when to increase or decrease the pressure, and simply

to know when he’s had enough work for the day and needs some play time.


Your dog may pick up faster on some aspects of training and slower on other parts, but in general all the dogs wind up at the top of the pyramid at the same time. The owner chooses how far up the pyramid he wants to take the dog. A dog that is mainly a family pet may only complete the first level of general obedience, while an avid hunter may choose to have his dog complete the pyramid to be a completely finished bird dog.


We are able to use this pyramid system because we only train a small number of dogs at a time. The pyramid includes:

Puppy Training


puppy will be socialized with other puppies and dogs, and will learn to be kenneled. He will be introduced to basic obedience, as well as to birds and guns. This will provide a strong foundation for all future training.

Obedience Training

Obedience training is crucial for the future hunting dog as it provides the foundation for all further training. An obedient dog gives you the control . A well-trained, obedient family dog is a joy to have in your company.  We will teach your dog to heal, sit, stay and other basic but important lessons to be learned for your dog, and for you!

Advanced Obedience Training

This advanced trainging will include more difficult commands for you and your dog.  Sitting for long periods of time, etc.  Great for duck hunters and for anyone wanting a well trained, obedient dog.

Bird/Hunting skills


this stage of training, dogs will be exposed to a large quantity of birds. We believe that every bird teaches your dog a new lesson. Along with ongoing obedience training, your dog will learn a variety of hunting skills, depending on your needs. These skills may include:

• collar conditioning

• vocal, whistle, and hand commands

• steadiness to shot

• land and water work, marks/blinds 

• quartering

with hand and whistle

• force fetch


We also have a strong belief in regular contact with our clients and encourage our clients to visit us during and after their dog's training and to be involved in the training. Customers will receive a one-on-one “Train the Owner” session where you will learn all the commands and receive instructions on how to work with your dog to reinforce these skills at home. We will plant several birds with you when you pick your dog up at the end of the training session and hunt together over and with your dog to show you your dog's newly devoloped hunting and retrieving skills. Your dog will be treated as a member of our family while he stays with us. 

Special Services

One-on-One Training Sessions

Group Training Sessions

Guide Service    

Contact us for further information and pricing.  Proof of all vaccinations must be provided prior to training.  Call John at 1-320-384-7714 or email him at to talk about setting aside a time to send your dog to training this season.  Your dog is a family pet as well as a working dog, and they love the challenges we have for them here at the kennel.

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