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We all had such a great time at the Kennel today!  Wow!  We talked all the way back home about you, the dogs, our "new" puppy to be, Teegan and Katie, Buster and Willow.  We feel very lucky to be the proud owners of one of your finest!  We will show her off with pride :)  
We're especially looking forward to the day we can come and pick her up and welcome her to her new home.  We'll be more than ready!  Dave can't wait either (he really surprised me).  He fell in love with the dogs and was SO impressed with Buster's ability to retrieve and follow commands......he wants one just like him (except a "she").....and I know it's not all genetics, but the time you spend training and caring for each one.  We're looking forward to it :)
Thanks for the great lunch!   You made us feel right at two will be successful building the preserve and marketing it....what a neat dream you have!
Thanks a lot John and Chris.  It means so much to us!  What a treat!
Marilyn, Dave and Syd

Just wanted to update you no how much we are enjoying Sawyer. Of course he's growing quickly, probably about 35 - 40 lbs. by now. All of us are really enjoying him. Even my wife who is admittedly "not really a dog person" has a great time with him. We have received more compliments on his looks and temperment. He is truly a joy to have around and a great addition to our family.
Thanks again for everything and keep up the good work!
Chad Couillard
Tory (Buster/Spud) had a great snowy weekend.  We took our little 9 mouth old girl and she:

1.    stayed in range beautifully…quarters like a singer sewing machine…
2.    found every bird that was planted along with two bonus birds…
3.    retrieved every bird shot (wonderful soft mouth). 
4.    returned on command on the two birds we missed…no long chases.

This is by far the easiest dog I have ever trained. 

If you ever need someone to give a customer recommendation for future breeding, I would be happy to give them one!

First let me say it was great to meet you and your staff when I came up to hunt on Sunday, I was the one with the springer. I was very impressed with the facilities, staff, and hunting experience.   However what impressed me the most was the vision you have for the future of the Royal Flush in regards to introducing youth to the outdoors.  It is something I would like to get involved with. 

Just thought I would send you a note letting you know how pleased I am with my puppy.  He's from the Buster/Spud breeding, is now seven months old and
is doing very well. I have been hunting him, as often as possible, here
in the local area and we have taken 26 wild roosters and have not lost a bird.  He is everything you said he would be, hunts hard, excellent on
retrieves, learns quickly and a great companion.   I am still learning to read his hunting style, he's fun to watch in the field and you definitely
know when there is a bird in the area.  I am looking forward to this summer when we can start working on water retrieves, he's been in the pool and
loves water but it has obviously been to cold to start any pond work this fall.
I'll keep you posted on his progress, thanks again for the fine puppy.
I just want to say thanks for letting Christian and I come up to your place and check out the pups and your wonderful facility. Over the past 15 plus year seeing many kennels, I have never seen just a state of the art Kennels that your have. It show what dedication you have to your dogs.
 Thanks again, and have a great day.
Randy and Christian

Attached are a couple of Bear pictures.  One is his beautiful water lift-off and the other is his first junior hunt test pass.
The quest for his Junior Hunter Title is going well!  He's been the youngest dog entered at both tests he has run and he has improved his performance each time he runs.  I am so proud of this boy, and he receives such wonderful comments from other participates and the judges.  The judges really love his look and style (especially his water entries, the judges always laugh and ooh and aah).  Bear loves big air and splash!  He's having a great time at the tests and loves to be the center of attention!
Take care and we'll have to get together!

Maggie is the BEST!!!!!  Most BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Most LOVEABLE!!!!!  and SMARTEST!!!!!!!!!
 We are so pleased at what a great dog Blitz is around the boys.  He never barks or snips at them.  He will lay down on the floor right by them.  He is like their protector.  In Blitz's eyes, the boys can do no wrong.  We have never use Blitz for a hunting dog, just as a family dog and we are pleased.   
Shannon and Eric

I'll let you know again how much we enjoy Sawyer. As I think I've mentioned before, even my wife who isn't "really a dog person" is in love with him. He has been a joy since we picked him up in December. We take him to all of our girls' softball games and he is a real hit with everyone. From toddlers to grandparents they absolutely love playing with and petting Sawyer. He has never been aggressive with anyone or any other dogs, never barks (I don't recall him ever barking) and is constantly wagging his tail. Actually, it's probably more like his whole backend. My friends who own labs always comment on his great looks and his outstanding disposition.

A short story. One morning his kennel apparently wasn't closed properly. When my wife arrived home from work and came upstairs from the garage, he was waiting at the top of the stairs for her. He was about 4 months at the time. At any rate, she looked around for any damage he may have caused like chewing on things, tearing up the furniture, or going to the bathroom in the house. He did none of these things. (Which some of my friends found amazing.) Actually, he did bring some shoes from our girls' room into the living room but didn't chew them up or anything. He just got them out for no apparent reason, maybe just to have something to carry around.

Since he's only 7 months old, I haven't had the opportunity to hunt with him yet but in almost every training situation, he has performed as well as or better than can be expected. (At least from my inexperienced perspective.) He even seems to make up for my lack of experience in training a hunting dog. While training with a neighbor and his 2 year-old, out of control, reckless and stubborn lab I really noticed the difference. While he had to use a choke chain and check cord to control his dog I had no such problems. Sawyer really showed up the older dog who already has one hunting season already under his belt. For some reason we haven't trained together since....

Obviously, he's not perfect. There was that toilet paper incident which is still pretty funny. But I honestly do not think I could ask for more in a dog. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and I often wonder how we got along without him.

I cannot thank you enough for your great service and most of all for Sawyer.
Thanks, Chad

We want you guys to know how much we love Darby!!!  She is absolutely the best and spoiled rotten!!  She is going on her first Boundary Waters trip this summer.
 Camille and Bill

Just letting you know how wonderful Kobe is doing!  He is beautiful and learns fast!  Glad we waited for him! 
Kathy and Mike

Sophie, from Nick and Voodoo, has been everything you said she would be.  She has a wonderful, friendly personality.  She has taken to birds easily and very quickly.  She is extremely smart.  For not having any formal obedience training, she is quite easy to control around the house.  We have an older American lab and a cat.  Sophie enjoys playing with both of our other pets.   
The first thing she does when she gets out of her crate each morning is to find a toy to put in her mouth.   She will carry the toy for anywhere from five to fifteen minutes while we go on or morning walk.
We have been to your kennel and preserve on three occaisions and we think it is one of the finest operations around.  We have always been treated so nicely by you and your staff.  We are just sorry you are so far away or we would would join your preserve in a second.
We will enthusiastically recommend your kennel and dogs to anyone.

Its been a week since we brought Bella home, so I thought I'd let you know that everything is going great.  She's had no accidents yet with her housebreaking.  I had her into the vet for her shots and he was very impressed with her.  He said she was a great looking dog with a gorgeous coat and appeared to be in excellent health.  Donna and I , of course, love her more each day.  Her loving personality, mild manner and puppy playfulness have added a great deal to our lives.
 I want to thank you guys for giving us a chance to observe the puppies and pick out the one that you thought would fit our family.  We knew the British lab was the dog breed we wanted and once we saw your kennel we knew you had the best kennel.  However, picking a pup was still a mystery.  Your observations and explanation of each puppy's characteristic really helped us choose what we think is the greatest pup in the world.
I also want to thank you for taking the time to go over housebreaking and basic training.  So far  you've been right on with your advice and we're learning right along with Bella.
Keep up the good work!  We plan to stop in and return your kennel crate sometime this fall. 
Gene & Donna

Marley is sitting on command, retrieving like crazy, and started swimming the first day her paws hit the water.She is quite popular in the Farmar household. Our Jack Russell is not quite as happy but is accepting Marley.Best regards- Rick
We had a wonderful time today at your new facility-- what an awesome place you have! You guys are hard workers and together you will both make this a great success and you will be rewarded! You are an inspiration to all new (young and old) hunters everywhere and that is great! Sam and Lorenzo didn't stop talking about how much fun they had--they loved shooting the guns! What a great place for families--we definitely want to come back. And...the dogs...unbelievable! Stay strong and focused and you will do what most people only dream about--success doing what you love!!
Our Bella is  a year old now and we just wanted to let you know we love her.  She is a great family dog We are even considering getting her a play mate although scott said he would have to pick the next one out to get a few differnet characteristics. she is the perfect size and I thought you were crazy John when you said that give her time and she could sleep with us but I guess you werent cause she does now.  And we don't have any problems she actually puts her self to bed at night she is kinda funny.  Just wanted to let you know that she has a good home and we just love her. We may have to put our little dog to sleep she is 15 years old pretty soon and are thinking we would possibly get another lab this spring?  So let us know who you are going to be breeding willow/buster? willow teagan?  I think we would get a black one this time even though bella is gorgeous.  Hope all is well. And if we did we would want to pick first or second.
                  The Navratils
Thanks againg for a fantastic weekend of hunting and outdoors.  The trip to the big land Saturday night was the highlight.  Seeing the flock of sharp tail grouse for the first time over that beautiful setting was awsome.  I'ts a memory I will never forget!

 Most hunters and hunting dogs see plenty of birds in their lives, but certain ones stand out.  This weekend Jake shot his first wild bird --- and it was Winnie's first wild bird too.  Really, so perfect.
She'd worked the bird hard for about 10-15 minutes before finally getting it out of a thick, deep tangle of brush.  David was in the brush near her and shot but missed (obstructed :).  When the bird got in the clear Jake shot once and got it.  More birds followed for both Jake and Winnie- truly a wonderful weekend. She hunted hard for two hours on Saturday and almost 5 on Sunday with no sign of fatigue.  She is SO birdy that I'm sure we didn't walk past any. She hunted nice and close, and quartered in front of the three hunters like she'd been computer programmed to do it. Very willing to get into the thick cover and go after a bird hard.  She had a little trouble on her first retrieve --- the bird was really big and it took her a while to figure out how to carry it.  Not a mark on it from her though and no
problems with any retrieves after that.   Thank you for your part in making
this dream come true for all of us.  We have enjoyed Winnie as a family SO much, and it looks as though she will turn out to be every bit the hunting dog that David has hoped to have. I've attached a photo of that first bird for both boy and dog.

Just a quick note to let you know that is one awsome puppy we got yesterday.
She slept through the night in her crate no problem without any accidents.
This morning we followed your instructions and she did was she was supposed to do. She smelled the entire house.
Angelo decided to call her Bud and she is begining to respond to that. She follows us everywhere and sits with us in the couch to cuddle. She is sooo sweet.
Thank you for a great puppy!

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that my first ever pheasant hunt was wonderful.  The atmosphere and professionalism at Royal Flush is outstanding not to mention the clubhouse, hunting and the dogs.  I didn’t know what to expect but I’m glad I was able to experience my first hunt at your facility.  I was amazed at how hard and eager the dogs were to work the fields. I hope Cricket is feeling better(?).  I will be back to visit in the near future.  Thanks again for a wonderful experience.

Hello John and all the others at Royal Flush.  This is Jake, and I had to pleasure of being able to hunt with a group a couple Saturdays ago with my father, Chris, and a few others, expertly lead by John.  After the hunt we were lucky enough to experience a tour of your kennel facility and we were floored by the excellent facility you folks have.  That being said, my father has been working on getting my mother to allow him to have another lab in house, and she has finally agreed.  Moreover she and the rest of the family would like to make it a Christmas gift for him.  So…the purpose of this email is to begin to gather a little more information on how we can begin this process.  We do realize that the opportunity to actually have the puppy by the 25th of Dec is far from realistic, however as long as we can have the process rolling by then that’s all we ask.  I thank you again for the wonderful day of hunting and sharing your property with a few novices from the cities. Thanks again!

I had a blast shooting birds and watching the dogs on Tuesday, I really appreciate the individual attention you guys give out there.  I will be stopping in on Thursday or Friday to put a down payment on a black female if that's ok with you.  I have it narrowed down to two litters but we can talk more about that when I stop by.  I know you are extremely busy so if there is a better time during Thursday or Friday to talk to you or your wife about the litters just let me know.  
Thanks again for all the info and help, you have one heck of a facility there.  Oh, I called Rick last night and he really wants to schedule something out there with you.  We were thinking about maybe having 4 or 5 game wardens come up for some sporting clays.  I would also be interested in a year membership.  It only makes sense if I'm going to be working a new dog.  
Take Care,

Thought I would forward you a photo of Tess{Buster& Katie} litter Spring 06. She is really doing good this fall and has helped me look good on several occasions when hunters couldn't locate down birds with their dog and Tess found the bird for them. She has been a great partner and I had many people ask were I got my dog. Well take care and hope to get up there for some fun shooting and dog work.
CO Rick

Here are some pictures of the wonderful Bud at three month old. She has been with us exactly one month and she has been a joy. She is totally potty trained (she stands by the kitchen door and whines when she needs to go), she learnt a few commands (here, sit, leave it, OK), she takes naps in her kennel and loves to snuggle in the couch with Angelo and me. She sleeps all night.
She is a perfect dog, so sweet and calm, so smart and alert. We go out for walks in the park everyday where she snifs everything, she fetches the balls and bring them to us, loves to carry sticks in her mouth.
She is good with other dogs in the park but after a few minutes of play she goes back to her job of sniffing the ground, her favourite thing to do besides eating.
She had another round of shots last week and she weights 23 punds. She looks great. The vet (who is a hunter) keeps telling us how much he likes her, not only physically but also her temperament.
Lucila and Angelo

I just wanted to drop you a line and say "Thanks" for the wonderful time Bruce, and the boys along with myself had yesterday
at your place. The hunting was a real Hoot, the food was fantastic. But more importantly...the hospatality you both provided was the
best I have ever seen, hats off to both of you and your team of great people.
Its the day after, 7:30am and I have 3 cooking in the pan right now.....pheasant wild rice soup will taste great tonight.
Take care and good luck to all, I know you will do well with your future opportunities.
See ya soon......Merry Christmas to all !!!!!

It's been quite a while since we talked. I thought I would let you know that Maggie has turned out to be an absolutely special dog and friend, and quite a hunter.  We are in the middle of her second full season, and she performs like a four or five year old in its prime.
 Best regards,

Everything is going great with Gracie.  She has lost all of her shyness and is a "crazy" puppy.  The kids are keeping her busy.  35 to 40 minutes of rough housing then a 1 hour nap and this goes on all day.  She only had a couple of accidents in the house but I would say 95 percent of her potty and poops have been outside or on the paper.  She eats like a horse and all appears to be going well.  I can't thank you enough!  I'm excited to stop in and show her to you guys when she get a little older.

I can’t tell you how much we are enjoying our brand new British Lab.  He is remarkable!  He had only two accidents (BM’s) in the first 48 hours and both were because I didn’t give him enough time outside.  He wasn’t quite sure how to handle this snow stuff for the first time.  He urinates EVERY TIME within 30 seconds after hitting our outside deck area.  He actually scratched on our porch door because he needed to have a BM after only using that door about 10 times. Amazing!  Eating very well.  Slept 5 hours without whining the first night (on our bed, of course).  It is easier to hear him cry if he needs to go out, and he won’t get off the bed, YET.  Barely moved all night.  Last night he slept 7 hours before getting up at 5 am today.  Our older male would rather not have him around but he is tolerating the new interloper.  Just growled once when Gunner tried to eat his food the first day and Gunner avoided getting near Ruddy’s bowl this AM until Ruddy was done.  He is taking two carpeted stairs between our kitchen and living room with no hesitation and went right up them as soon as we got him home.  
I have him at work today in a Kennelaire (door open) and the office door blocked by a baby gate.  He sleeps like a baby on my office carpet, never whines when I leave the office but wants to be under my office chair when I return.  Although very calm, he is not bothered by strange noises, people or things as of yet and I am slowly introducing him to all our technical staff who are very impressed at how calm he is “for a Labrador”.  The female staff are loving him to death so I may have trouble getting him back from them. 
I crated him this AM when I plowed our driveway and Sharon said he cried for about 15 minutes, but was quiet and sleeping calmly when I finished the job (about 30 min).  If the rest of his “childhood” rearing goes as well as these relatively dramatic changes in his life first two days, he should be a pleasure to be around for many years.
Brian, Matt and I had a terrific pheasant shoot with you and Tom on Monday, and enjoyed some pheasant fondue on Christmas Eve!  Fresh from the field to the pan.
Thanks again for allowing us to own one of your amazing British Labradors.  Hopefully, I can steer some more “customers” your way in the future who should be as proud of their dogs as I am already with little Gunner.

I wanted to drop you a quick note about my British Lab "Kaya" that I purchased from you almost 2 years ago.  What a pleasure it has been with her over the past 2 years, everything from house training, temperament, obedience to training her in the field the whole experience has been absolutely wonderful she is the best dog that I have ever owned!

2 weeks ago was Kaya's first real hunt with other hunters and dogs, I have taken her out by myself on state game lands but this was her first real hunt at a game bird farm (where there are actually birds). She put up 12 flushes and retrieves in our morning hunt. It is amazing how little training she has had in the field but how incredible she performed. One of the hunters in my group asked where her e-collar was and I just laughed stating she is not that type of dog and does not require an e-collar to obey my commands, everyone was amazed at how young she was and what a great job she did for everyone. I can't possibly tell you how pleased my family and I have been with her she has been a great addition to the family. You have a customer for life!

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